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"The Hair, That Meets The Eye"

Someone once told me it takes 60 seconds for someone to decide to do business with you.

Eleven things people pick out about you once they meet you either good or bad.

As a hairdresser we do it all the time no matter where we are our eyes are trained to the beauty of one right away.

We look to see what we would do different to the hair or even what we love about the hair.

Its normal to us to get creative and keep our eyes moving all the time no matter where we are.

Once you start to understand the facial structure and suitability you start to really pick up what is the best look for someone.

When each season appears we look at everything around us, the colors of the flowers how we can make such a beautiful color how we can incorporate it into hair.

Everything around us has so much beauty we try everyday to bring that with us to work.

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