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Every Accomplishment starts with the decision to try!

Since it is now 2016, accomplishment has been my main focus! I have sat back and took the time to accomplish the things I have dreamed of. In our industry we sometimes don’t sit back and do what we need to do for us. We go to work become an artist and then what? What do we ever do for us? What did we always dream of doing besides being a hairdresser, besides being an artist. This is the year to sit back and do something that you always wanted either an art class, excersise class, vacation , or even reading a good book. Don’t forget about you and your stability. You are as important as every client that sits in your chair. Accomplishment is the key to happiness...enjoy whatever it is you choose to do, on your time … This for me is my year and I will accomplish everything I have set my mind on maybe even more. Its up to you to follow me..


Mariana Cecilia


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